Luxurious Placemat

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Haven´t found a chic table mat yet? "Table mats, how old-fashioned!"

The modern style - classic usability SooGreat "Luxurious Placemat" is your perfect fit.

This table mat, designed for special occassions, makes sure to impress any guest at a dinner event. Furthermore they effectively protect your table from getting scratched, stained or damaged. Its easy to clean PU leather still manages to look astonishing aesthetical.

SooGreats "Luxurious Placemat" is the elegant high quality fit for both casual and formal settings.

Who is old-fashioned now? Get your favorite as long as it is still on stock!

Quick facts:

Material: PU leather
Colors: Brown, Green, Black, White
Eco-Friendly produced
Size: 45cm/17,7 inches x 36,8cm/14,5 inches; 12,5cm/4,9 inches x 11,5cm/4,5 inches

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