Princess Bed Canopy

Dark Purple

The key to a good night´s rest is a cozy bed and loving parents reading a fairytale about knights and princesses out loud! 

Beneath SooGreats Princess Bed Canopy your child will have comfy nights, feeling like a little princess. It transforms any bed into a magical wonderland or royal quarters. Furthermore it prevents distractions during night time because surrounding lights get dimmed through the fabric. Especially stylish and charming are the decorative balls in salmon pink that hang down from the very top of the canopy.

It is easy to mount SooGreats Princess Bed Canopy on the ceiling. It suspends from the ceiling on a collapsible wire hoop. Due to the large size of nearly 20 inch ring diameter, the canopy covers more than half of a standard sized bed.

Good night little princess, have sweet dreams with SooGreats Princess Bed Canopy!

Quick facts:

  • Material: cotton linen
  • size: 19.7 inch/50cm (ring diameter)
  • total high: 94.5 inch/240cm

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