Stainless Steel Knife Stand Holder 6/8 inch

6 & 8 inch with Cutting Board
6 inch
8 inch

Not only is a knife block a solution for storing knives securely, it also reduces the risk of harm to blades (and fingers!)

Everyone knows the challenge: All of your knives need to be easily accessible while you are preparing food, yet not quite so easy to reach for smaller family members. This is a huge problem for many home chefs. The perfect solution: SooGreats Stainless Steel Knife Stand Holder 6/8 inch.

Extra-durable, antibacterial stainless steel, allowing for an extra long usage combined with a large storage space with room for several kitchen items including several sizes of knifes and knife sharpener of up to 8 inches long. 

Get the best cutting performance by securing a safe and non-blunting storage for your kitchen knives!

Quick facts:

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Acrylic (eco-friendly)
  • Knife holder in classic design
  • Sizes: Holds knives of maximum 6 and maximum 8 inches length

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